the future
of ticket sales

Get your tickets:

the future
of ticket sales

Like a rolling stone

The first AI sales channel: fans choose how much to pay and our algorithm optimizes seats distribution for a full house.

Entertainment and resale markets have been mistreating promoters, artists and fans for years. We bring a fair and sustainable new standard.

...and Justice for All

Artists get
Bigger Crowds

...and Justice for all

Fans get
More Power

...and Justice for all

Promoters get
Absolute Control

...and Justice for all

Venues get

(What's the Story)
Morning Glory?

Fans decide how much to pay for their etikets. Our algorithm assigns the seats to fill the venue, while our Fans simply pay a fair price.

Artists, on fire!

Nothing makes them happier than a packed house. We get sell-outs while boosting income.

This must be the place
Fans decide how much to pay

Our algorithm assigns the etikets to fill up the venue while Fans pay a fair price.

Fight for your
right (to Party)
Fuck YOU, scalpers!

Our system blocks your bots.
No more scammed Fans.
No more unfair competition.
No more stealing our music.

Bitch, Suck D***
Promoter: your risk, your profit

We fill your event while maximizing your earnings. Secure etikets and dynamic prices.

I Get Money (Forbes 1,2,3)
Packed Venues

Fans pay real prices until the event is sold-out.
Nothing more,
nothing less.

For those
about to Rock

and... We can
be heroes

We introduce the etiket, the safest ticket in the world. Impossible to duplicate, impossible to resell, impossible to fake.

Okay, we get it. You can't believe it.
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You're going to freak out!

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